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At PhD Workz, we offer thesis proposal writing service to all PhD candidates whose submission deadlines are knocking them down. Begin your PhD research with an instant approval of your thesis proposal meeting the deadlines. Due to an extended period, you are likely to get off with your research or thesis, but when you have a full proofed plan laid out on your desk, you might not want to let yourself down. We do not only prepare your proposal for acceptance of university but also for keeping you on track throughout your PhD course. Got some doubts? Let us clear each of them.

FAQ’s : Thesis Proposal Writing Service by PhD Workz

No. We do not sell ready to submit proposals instead we write customised proposal as per your research topic and university guidelines. Before we work for preparing you a research proposal, you PhD topic is well researched and written by a subject-matter thesis writer. Once, it gets delivered to you, the entire proposal is discussed with you.

No. We do not help you to pick a research topic. You must provide it to us for preparing you a research proposal.

Subject-matter expert writer will write your proposal. All our writers are post-doc writers who are professionally trained to write all academic documents.

You are required to share your PhD topic details, university guidelines and other documents (if any) necessary for the literature review.

If you have selected research studies for your literature review, you can share those with us. If you do not have any required material for your literature review, we will explore, study and evaluate the studies relevant to your PhD topic. We have access to libraries, online and in print journals from a wide range of research disciplines, and thus can filter our search for relevant research papers and build your literature review upon those.

We only take three-four business days to prepare a research proposal for you. Also, it depends on the complexity of your PhD topic.

We have written proposals for 4100 PhD students from following research disciplines:

AgricultureMathematical Sciences Business Administration
Health and Medical Sciences ChemistryManagement English Language and Literature
EngineeringSocial Sciences Architecture and Environmental Design
Electrical and Electronics AccountingBanking and Finance

We do not guarantee the proposal acceptance as we do not have any tie-ups with universities. Our services are only limited to assist you in thesis completion process. However, we ensure that your thesis doesn’t get rejected due to any language, format or presentation related issues.

Yes. You can check the sample thesis proposal written by our writers given below.

We assure the strict adherence to the format prescribed and timely completion of work. Kindly share your requirement or query with us by giving us a call at +44-800-123-4567. Our consultants answer all your query and give the other interactive features of our thesis proposal writing service.

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