Statistical Analysis Services

It is a myth widely believed that statistics is best handled by those only who have its knowledge. We believe that the precise and reliable data is produced when statistical data analysis is done by those having amalgam of knowledge and experience as well. With a strong team of 62 PhD statisticians who have both knowledge and experience, we are poised to bail you out of any problem that you may face with PhD statistics. Our team is well-versed with the statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, AMOS, STATA, Nvivo etc., thus can perform any test at ease. Under our statistical data analysis services, we provide the assistance in:

  • Questionnaire formation for collection of data
  • Identification of data group for observation/ survey
  • Determination of data type and purpose of tests
  • Selection of statistical tests to be applied
  • Selection of statistical tool to use
  • Application of tests
  • Interpreting the results

Our team of statisticians can perform all parametric and non-parametric statistical tests to evaluate your qualitative or quantitative data:

T-Test Paired T-test Chi-Square Test
ANOVA Logistic regression Friedman test
ANCOVA Factor Analysis Cluster Analysis
Mann-Whitney Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Spearman’s correlation Coefficient
Kruskal-Wallis Linear contrast Repeated measures ANOVA
Simple Linear Regression Wilcoxon signed rank test Mixed ANOVA



Your qualitative or quantitative data will be analysed by expert data analysts who are professional and post-doc in your research domain.


It depends upon the work required for analysing your data. After aquiring our statistical analysis services and sharing the information of your research, our data analysts estimate the time needed for the work completion. If you have tight deadlines, you can discuss the same with our consultants. Also, additional charges may apply for urgent data analysis services.


No. The coach will only clear your doubts and answer your questions regarding the analyzed data. (S)he can help you understand the findings and results, and clarify your doubts and suggest references for more comprehensive information.


We include data coding as part of our statistical analysis services. You can give us coded data and raw qulitative data as well.


No. You can contact your statistician during the business hours through our consultants only. You must reach our consultants who will connect you with your statistician through skype or phone call.

All our statisticians are PhD qualified in various sub-disciplines of statistics and have gained experience of more than 13 years sorting out the problems of PhD students. To hire a PhD statistician in UK, place order or just give us a call at +44-800-123-4567.